Vegan Athletes Abound

Veganism amongst professional athletes is a very popular topic. Every vegan bodybuilder, boxer, runner, and more is coming out to speak about they keep fit on a healthy, animal-free diet and lifestyle. The news coverage on these sporty men and women has been phenomenal! Here are some good ones to peruse for inspiration:

* ESPN’s Page 2 highlights Milwaukee Brewers’ Prince Fielder, Hall of Fame footballer Tony Gonzalez, fighter Mac Danzig, Minnesota Twins’ Pat Neshek, and marathon runner Scott Jurek in “Who says you have to eat meat to be a successful athlete?”

* We Like It Raw (as in a raw vegan diet) talks about Tim “the raw runner” VanOrden and his upcoming speaking events.

* The Vegan Soapbox has a good article about being a vegan athlete in general titled “We Are All Guillermo Vargas.”

* For even more, check out Buzz Feed’s feature on vegan bodybuilding that includes links to six of the best articles and sites on the topic.

* Click on the picture here to see a more complete list of vegan athletes with links to even more info about being one.

Now, aren’t you inspired to eat a fantastic vegan diet and exercise to your max potential?


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