Weight Loss Commercials Drive Me Insane

It’s hard for me to watch weight-loss commercials and not be driven insane.

For example, NutriSystem has ads featuring celebrities that go on and on about they lost weight with NutriSystem. Fine, I’m all for promoting healthy weight loss, and if you need a structured system to help you, that’s okay. The weight loss company even offers a vegetarian plan. But then, at the end of the ads, featured celebrity du jour says that she lost her weight while eating “hamburgers, pizza, and even chocolate” (Jillian  Barberie Reynolds’s NutriSystem ad).

I don’t like false promotion of foods that you should eat in moderation, if at all, as healthy. Sure, if you exercise and watch your calories, you will shed some pounds, but if these calories come from fatty substances like red meat, cheese, and sweets your heart will be fat and deadly. End of story.


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