DON’T Resolve to Go to the Gym; DO Resolve to Move More

It’s that time of year again: the time when gyms are flooded with new members making New Year’s Resolutions with the hope that this year it will stick. Many gym employees joke about this time of year and this crowd (that usually dies out by March), but I say go for it. If making a resolution for January 1st is what it takes, then by all means do it!

In fact, I myself was once one of those resolvers. For 2008 I decided that I didn’t want to be chubby and out of breath all the time. So I went to the gym. I attending a weight lifting class once a week and spent the other days exercising around my apartment. I watched the crowd die down and classes go from 25 attendees to a comfortable 10-15, but I never once considered quitting. I also, however, didn’t bank my new healthy body on a total schedule change. I didn’t try to fit the gym in every day. I simply became more aware of how much I moved – or didn’t – during each day.

I got up and took a walk every so often at the office. When I came home, I sat and bounced on my fitness ball while on my laptop. I constantly stretched, danced around with my weights, or played with my cats. I just started moving more.

And obviously I not only saw benefits but it stuck! It became my new lifestyle.

Nine months into 2008, I proudly wrote this: “Today I did 10 controlled push-ups, all the way down and all the way back up. I have energy without drinking coffee. My knees, which used to hurt so bad I struggled with stairs, rarely bother me anymore. My body has slimmed, my muscles are toned, and my mood is boosted. I feel great!”

So go for it! Be that New Year’s Resolution gym goer. Join me – create an exercise routine that works for your life and feel the benefits of keeping active! (Or, if you’re already there, be nice to the resolvers — you never know who will be your future fitness instructor and competitive runner.)

Everyone has to start somewhere.


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