A Look Back at My Long Distance Running Beginnings

I am never sure what to tell people when they ask how long I have been running. But today I found this old blog post from May 15, 2009 about my first decision to run something more than a 5k:

I have decided that my 5k race was so successful that I am going to start training for a half marathon – that’s 13.1 miles! After reading     an awesome book – The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training by Dawn Dais – I started my training today with a 35 minute run around a local, hilly neighborhood. Tomorrow, I am scheduled for another 35 minutes, and Sunday for a rest day.

From there, I will slowly increase the time that I run four days a week, with two rest days and one day for cross training. Eventually, I will start tracking my runs by number of miles instead of time. Looking ahead and seeing a six mile run in just ten weeks doesn’t intimidate. Instead, I look at it and think: “In ten weeks I’ll be able to run six miles!”

Now, as 6 miles is a run that I could easily do without planning, I am inspired by the 2009 me that only anticipated one day running that distance.

As I love to say: Everyone has to start somewhere!


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