The Week That Was

Taking a note from fellow blogger and runner, The Motivated Runner, I am going to wrap up my week with a few “of the week” selections.

Article of the week: “Vegans Muscle Their Way Into Bodybuilding” in the New York Times!

Personal training moment of the week: One of my new clients brought his out-of-town guests to the gym and treated them to a half hour workout with me as a gift.

My fitness moment of the week: Being told by my lawyer (from when I was hit by a car on my bike) that he would consider me a professional athlete.

My non-fitness moment of the week: In my free time, I rescue and re-home small animals. This week I placed an over-the-top amazing bunny into the most perfect home for her. It was very bittersweet.

Motivation pic of the week: I couldn’t choose between these two. So how about one fitness motivator and one nutritional one? Both came to me from one of my favorite pages on Facebook, MotivateHopeStrength.

My pic of the week: This pic shows off a lot of my favorite things: PopBooth, my fave new iPhone app; my fave new workout jacket from lululemon; and a puppy. And who wouldn’t love a puppy?


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