“Working” Out Is a Deceptive Name for Fitness

I work all day. Why would I then want to go to the gym and work some more?

If you aren’t a “gym person”, or even if you are but ever feel like your exercising is monotonous or boring, or even if you are just a person in general … get out and play like a kid!

Fitness should be fun. We’re already getting the mood-boosting benefits of exercise so why not make it extra fun by just letting loose, forgetting the rules, and leaving the notebook and pen in the classroom.

Join a recreational league like the Manayunk Sports and Social Club.

Get friends together for an impromptu pick-up game of anything from basketball to small ball to running relays like a school kid (trust me, everyone will have fun once you get started). How about a game of Twister or energetic charades?

Or still go to the gym but move around like a kid with ADD. Don’t count reps. Don’t have a plan. Don’t worry about hitting certain muscle groups or not. Just look up, see what catches your eye and use it to do something. Any thing. Get playful!

My friend Sunshine and I did this before and had a blast. We warmed up with jump roping to one song and dynamic stretches to a second, then we just went. It was so much fun and everyone mindlessly moving around the gym with their plans and notebooks looked on in envy of our fun.

A few things we did:

Played catch with a medicine ball while standing on a BOSU

Monkey bars and pull ups

Kettlebell moves

Lots of different jumping … up, over, around; really far and really high

Burpees with a medicine ball

Push ups


Just HAVE FUN and PLAY like a kid! It fully counts as an excellent workout. In fact, I was quite sore the next day!


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