The Week That Ended on Friday the 13th

Article of the week: From another blogger, a few months back, The Bull Runners’ “Date a Girl Who Runs”

Personal training moment of the week: Seeing a new client smile when he realized that he had lost more than 5 pounds in 3 weeks with me.

My fitness moment of the week: Getting past my 6-miles only recovery week and moving back in, feeling good with almost 30 this week.

My non-fitness moment of the week: I started acupuncture, hoping to relieve some pain from the accident in September and have already seen some relief. I have been going to the Healing Arts Center in Philadelphia based on the recommendation of a Pilates student of mine.

Motivation pic of the week: Again coming to me from MotivateHopeStrength, this week it was a Nike poster that caught me:

My pic of the week: Although slightly embarrassing, I let my sister leave this old pic of me up on Facebook when she pointed out that this proves I have always been into my passions: working out and animals.


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