Stuff Track and Field Runners Say (and Don’t Say)


They’re flying around the Internet again: lists about “stuff people x say”.

One blogger just wrote posts about things runners say and things runners will never say. But it was all marathoner specific, so I saw it as a challenge to come back with these lists from a track and field runner.

Stuff Track Runners Say:

1. How many times around the track is that?

2. I really need to add some distance to my training. I should do 2-3 miles tomorrow.

3. I didn’t get out fast enough.

4. I took 5 seconds off last week’s time!

5. I just ran a 6 minute mile — I don’t know why I’m so off today.

6. Can I borrow your waffles for the 800?

7. I need more Icy Hot.

8. People need to stay in the outside lanes if they are going to jog.

9. I hate the 1500. It’s such a long race.

10. I’d rather be the slowest in the fast heat.

Stuff Track Runners Will Never Say:

1. I love repeats.

2. I think I’ll go for an easy 6 today.

3. Taper.

4. Garmin.

5. I lost a toe nail.

6. I peed a little during that race.

7. I need a Gu.

8. Did your nipples bleed?

9. I chafed.

10. I am going to go for a long run.

What did I miss, track stars?



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3 responses to “Stuff Track and Field Runners Say (and Don’t Say)

  1. funny….good….thank you

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