An Open Letter to My High School Track Coach

Dear Coach Decker:

Sometimes, during high school track, I cheated on the warm up mile. A mile just sounded so long.

One time, you set up a 5k course for us that looped through the woods and around the track. I stayed in the woods while everyone else ran their loops and rejoined them for the finish. I was mad at you for expecting me to run 3 miles straight when I had never done that before.

I sprained my ankle at the end of my senior year and was taken out of the 4×200 for counties. You had me do the triple jump instead, since no one did that event and I need a couple more points to letter. I won counties. My biggest regret was never having tried triple jump before that and never getting to do it again.

I went to college and did nothing but eat, drink, and get lazy.

Then one day I went for a run. I didn’t quite reach 2 miles but was ecstatic and caught the running bug.

Since then, I have run many many races, including 2 half marathons (during which I never once walked). I ran in a 24-hour ultra race. When I run 5ks now, I place in the top 3 of my age group. I have even joined a track and field club team and am once again racing around in circles.

I don’t cheat anymore, but I needed to confess to you that I used to.




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2 responses to “An Open Letter to My High School Track Coach

  1. Didn’t we all cheat in high school track? I had this walking bounce I used to do that looked like running from far away.

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