A New Class for a New Year

I added a new class to my fitness teaching line up this month. I don’t have a clever title for it yet (maybe you guys can help with that) It’s based similarly to my Small Group Training: each time we get a total body workout and primarily use our body weight as he resistance.

This new one, however, is intense. We sweat a lot. We move quickly. We get up; we get down. We don’t do 10 push ups unless they have a burpee with a tuck jump in between them. Our heart rates are pumping the whole time.

Here’s what we did tonight:

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds then take 20 seconds break. After one full time through, take a 2 minute break then repeat them all.

* Squat and thrust, jump at the top

* Plank

* 4 high knees standing, 4 bike crunch on the mat

* Side plank

* 8 punches while holding a squat, 1 squat jump

* Other side plank

* Walkouts (stand, touch your toes, walk out to plank, walk back, stand all the way up)

* Wall sit

* Lunge, side kick, alternating legs

* On hands and knees, balance with one leg and opposite arm up, parallel to ground

* Plank, side plank, other side plank, then jump your feet to your hands twice

* Other side balancing on hands and knees

* Two crunches with legs up in a V, two with legs down

* Plank

* Bottom half of a burpee (plank, jump to a very low squat with no hands, back to plank)


Let me know if you try it or have any questions about any of the moves!


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