Run Your Errands, Literally

Running 33 miles in 5 days: a goal that’s not a big deal to a long distance runner but seems like a lot to me right now. But, alas, that’s my goal this week.

I wanted to start off with a strong showing, running a high percentage of the miles on the first day. But who has the time? So I ran my errands, literally, to get 10 miles crossed off my to-do list.

Before any work, I went to a CrossFit workout. With luck, I accumulated a mile during that workout.

I headed to my first job of the day for a 4 hours. Then the running madness began.

I parked my car 2.4 miles from my personal training client and ran to that appointment. From there, I ran 1.1 miles to my acupuncture appointment (with an apple in my hand) and .9 to the gym I was teaching at tonight. I arrived early, so I did 2.7 miles of speed intervals on the treadmill. After teaching Pilates, I had no other choice but to run 2.9 miles back to my car.

If you’re keeping track, you did better than I — I thought it totaled up to an even 10 when I actually did 11. So without much effort, just a little planning (to make sure the timing worked out and that I wouldn’t be late anywhere), I knocked 33 down to 22 with 4 days left. That’s a third of my mileage done and only an average of 5.5 miles a day left to go.



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3 responses to “Run Your Errands, Literally

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  2. Kristine

    Parking a few miles from work is such a GREAT idea! I only wish we had showers at my office- so that idea is out for me….but its such a good one!

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