Plyo Out the Sore Muscles: You’re Going to Have to Just Trust Me on This One

The first time my roommate told me to try some plyometrics to get rid of my muscle soreness, I had a hard time believing her. Despite the fact that she wins marathons and is a physical therapist for athletes, I still struggled to believe her. But then I tried it. I did some box jumps and I swear to you that it somehow magically pounded the tenderness away. The best solution, of course, is rest and ice since the soreness is caused by tiny tears and minor trauma to the muscles, but when that isn’t feasible (maybe you work at a gym or have a race coming up or are an exercise addict like me), try the plyometric method and box jump your pain away!


Side note: I like this video of box jumps except for the fact that he never fully opens up his hips. When you do these, stand all the way up at the top before coming back down and feel free to step off the box if you want.


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