Keep Calm and Carry On

As my track and running training grows, I have more workouts and races that I have to really push through than I used to. I’ve picked up a few key phrases that seem to work for me, for repeating in my head when you need to keep calm and carry on, keeping your legs moving, your shoulders back and relaxed and your head up.

“Go with her!” — courtesy of my track coach, for when someone is getting ready to pass me.

“Look up and see where she is. Don’t let her get too far ahead.” — my track coach, when I am slipping back.

“You can do anything for 90 seconds!” — coach at CrossFit 215.

"You are in control of your breath."

“You are in control of your speed. Make this speed your easy pace!” — all running coaches seem to love to tell you this.

“Relax and let it happen.” — track coach, when I am fighting too hard.

“Control your breath. You are in control of your breath.” — I think I took this one a bit too much to heart during the New Orleans Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Check out the picture attached to this post!

“Focus on your form. Don’t let your form suffer as you get tired.” — track coach, when I am exhausted and have a little more workout to get through. When this one comes, I know I am sucking.

Here’s a new one that came to me this morning via Runner’s World Quote of the Day email: “The true measure of a runner isn’t in time, but rather in the effort it took along the way.” — Coach Jenny Hadfield


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