Calf Strains: When Sore Muscles Just Don’t Go Away

I’m not a medical guru. I can’t tell you the biological happenings behind what I’m feeling. But I can tell you this: pain sucks!

My body was feeling good last week. Mentally and physically I was ready to train hard. So I did. I went to the track and I sprinted. I sprinted hard and fast. I ran 2 sets of 4 400-meter sprints. That wasn’t new to me. But with indoor track season coming and cross country leaving, I had this idea that I should wear my minimalist shoes because they help me stay on my toes — something I need to start doing more of to really get an extra push from my track shoes. When I woke up the next day, I could barely walk: my calves were so sore!

Three days later? Still sore.

A week later? Still sore!

Today, 10 days after the minimalist sprinting workout, I still have tenderness and pain.

I knew I hadn’t torn anything. When you tear your calf you hear it and feel instant pain. I questioned my recovery methods, but I have used everything from a foam roller to compression clothing and been religious about stretching and resting.


Compression. So much compression wearing.

I just keep asking everyone: “Have you ever had a sore muscle for over a week?!” It usually goes away within a day or two. Finally tonight I turned to Google. Self diagnosis from WebMD, Wikipedia and an actual running injury source says I have a muscle strain in my calves which is comparable to a sprained ankle.


At least I have validation and reassurance that it’s going to go away eventually on its own. I just hope it’s a grade 1 strain which should heal up in a few more days and not a grade 2 which could last two more weeks!

Have you ever had a sore muscle for 2 weeks? Have you had a muscle strain? I’d love to hear words of encouragement from someone that knows this frustration!


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