Growing up I was the kid that had every desire to be an athlete but no natural skill at any one sport. I was the first to come to practice and the last to leave, but still I was never going to be an elite athlete. I had a competitive drive, heart and dedication, but thought that scoring for the team, winning the race or being the best was all that mattered.

When I headed to college, unable to compete for any sport at the collegiate level, I stopped all activity all together. Between an all-you-can-eat cafeteria, a sudden lack of exercise and weekly frat parties, my health declined greatly and my weight increased.

Soon, I was on 8 medications, wheezing from asthma symptoms when walking up stairs. I wasted almost 7 years of my life living this way. Until I woke up.

I became vegan and I started working out again.

Now I know that, in the game of health and wellness, drive, heart and dedication greatly out weigh natural born skill. Now, I am off all of my medications, free of asthma symptoms and in the best shape of my life.

And now I want to help you to do the same for yourself!


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  1. Sally, It is amazing how your body has transformed. You really are special to me and the sweet heart that inspired my daughter to jacobs ladder through the string book! Just remember Jesus girlfriend, He loves you! XOXO Denise Cotter
    my blog is also on wordpress at
    whitebrickhouse.wordpress.com — but I guess you can hit my link- later gator. D

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