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Give These Feet a Set of Wheels, I’m Ready to Ride!

Me and my lady.
Sometimes she gets lazy and I carry her.

I decided it’s finally time for me to be a biker.

If you know me, you might be confused by that statement. I own enough bikes and related equipment to have an entire sun porch dedicated to them.

But, in addition to the fact that I took a hiatus from even commuting by bike after my traumatic car-meets-me on bike accident, I have never raced nor even clocked my speed on a bike. It’s only been a hobby, a way to exercise and a form of commuting. I have been contemplating a bike race or duathlon for some time, but it wasn’t until my recent running frustration that I decided my racing life needed something completely new.

I am working on coming back from my injuries – finally – but I am fighting against myself. I am so stubborn and self-competitive that it’s not working. I am getting frustrated because my times are not competitive. My times are not what they used to be. I know it will take time. I know I need to just let it happen. But I can’t. I can’t stop comparing today’s race times to yesterday’s. I tried running a distance that I have never done before. That was a little better. I got a personal record in that distance, but my average mile time was still posted and was still a full minute 15 seconds slower than my average pace this time last year.

Everyone had advice. Lots of advice.

Finally, I have figured out, for myself, what I think might work: a whole new race modality. I am going to get on my bike and start clocking my speed. And guess what? No matter what time it is, I have zero knowledge of my pre-injury average pace!

So … Hi. My name is Sally and I’m a biker!

Now about getting a road bike … anyone looking to help a broke, new biker out … one that only has hybrid and mountain bikes? πŸ™‚



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Snot Rockets Happen

I overheard two moms talking. One mom said that she was disgusted by the fact that her husband taught their son that it was okay to blow his nose in the shower without a tissue. Aside from being annoyed that she was ungrateful about the fact that her husband was spending time with the little boy, I was also sure that she was not a runner or biker. Because there are certain things that make you one of these athletes in my mind and one that clearly stands out is that you don’t think twice about blowing a snot rocket. (You’re too much a runner/biker when you accidentally blow one in normal street clothes, walking down the sidewalk. I may or may not have done this before.)

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MUST DO EXERCISE: Interval Training

To take you even more in depth with my tips about weight loss, I want to talk to you about intervals. Because if you aren’t doing any intervals, you won’t be losing weight. Even if your goal is not to lose weight but just to get healthy or maintain your fitness level, intervals should still be an important part of your workout routine.

Interval training involves bursts of high-intensity exercise alternated with low activity β€œrest” periods to get your heart rate up and then let it come back down.

Think about it this way: is it easier for you to start working out or to keep working out once you get going? Or apply that to anything you do in life — knitting, cleaning, writing. Now take it back to intervals: it’s easier for your heart and lungs to maintain than to stop and go. Going back and forth between high intensity and rest strengthens your heart and lungs and increases your metabolism.

Here are 3 ideas for an interval-based workout:

1. Sprints and Hills

Alternate running as fast as you can on flat ground with speed walking or jogging up an incline. If you can find a good place out side to do this, go for it. But this will be easy to accomplish on the treadmill, too. Set a time or a distance for each section. Start by trying a 30/60 split, meaning you would sprint for 30 seconds then hike it up the hill for 60 seconds then repeat. See how long you can do it. If you finish 3 sets your first time out, try getting to 4 next time.

2. Stick to the Hill

No need to get fancy really: if you have a hill, you have an interval. Run up it, walk down it and repeat. You can do the same on any set of steps, from the ones in your house to the bleachers at the track.

3. Cardio and Strength Combo

Alternate any cardio – biking, jogging, jumping jacks, etc. – with any strength move – bicep curls, overhead press, lunges, etc. Go back and forth for a minute each and feel free to switch up the activity. Bike for a minute, squat for a minute; run for a minute, curl for a minute, and on.

NEXT UP: 7 more fat-killing cardio-boosting interval workout ideas!

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