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Repeat After Me: “Make This Your Easy Pace”



This morning I was training a client. Her workout was: 90 seconds on the rowing machine, 40 kettlebell swings, rest x 4.

For round #2, I challenged her to row more meters than she had in her first round. She sprinted all out and destroyed her first round distance. But she was huffing and puffing too hard and had to take a break before her second set of kettlebell swings.

Round 3 on the rower I challenged her to “make this your easy pace”. I asked her to match her second round distance but make it feel easy.

She did just that. She hopped off the rower after rowing the same distance as round 2 and went right into kettlebells, no rest needed.


As your trainer, if I see you struggling, I could coach you through good form: relax your shoulders, keep your core tight, support your lower back, drive your knees… But by the time I get to the end of all the cues I’d need to start back at the beginning. Instead, if I keep telling you to “make it easy”, you naturally relax, control your breathing and find good form.

When running, you stop fighting to turn your legs over and take more efficient steps. When biking, you begin to make smoother circles, pushing and pulling evenly. And when rowing, this client relaxed, stopped struggling and found a better rhythm by taking the time to fully extend each stroke.

Try it for yourself! Go out and make fast your easy pace!


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Cheating to Be Fit: When Healthy Competition Goes Bad

A former roommate set up a “competition jar” for me much like some people have a “swear jar”. Every time I tried to turn an every day thing into a competition, I had to put a quarter in my jar.

I’m a competitive person. But I’ve found ways to use my competitive spirit as a healthy form of motivation and drive. When I have no one to go for a run with, I push myself by constantly trying to catch or keep up with the stranger in front of me on the running path. That’s healthy and effective. But when does competitive working out become unhealthy?

I don’t have the answer. I’m not sure that there is one specific answer that fits all people and all situations, but I do know this: when you feel so competitive with the person working out next to you that you cheat, that you do less reps to finish faster, that’s no longer healthy or motivating and you lose in the long run.

CrossFit, which is self described as “competitive working out”, is what has me thinking about this. Most of the time at CrossFit, unless you are in a competition, you are the only person counting how many reps you complete. It becomes tempting to cut a few off so that you are the fastest athlete or so you aren’t the slowest. And there’s nothing motivating, productive or healthy about cutting yourself short.

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The Workout Day That Made Me Ready to Blog Again

I am finally done being pulled down by injuries and am working hard to get back to where I was pre-accident, especially when it comes to running speed. This, combined with an awesome workout in nature on Wednesday, has made me ready to come back to this blog.

So what was so great about Wednesday’s workout?

While visiting a friend in Ohio, I headed to Caesar Creek State Park with 2 competitive bike riders for a fun day on the trails. We ran a trail loop and started some active stretching, comparing favorite moves and discussing dynamic vs. static stretching (side bar: my opinion is strongly for dynamic before working out and static after). We showed off different kinds of push ups. Then we headed to tackle some hill sprints… Actually hill sounds so weak compared to the long, steep, grassy slope before us.20121020-122422.jpg

After just one hill sprint of death each, it was back to the trails for a fast 3 mile run.


Still not worn out, we grabbed my new weight vest and the fun really started: stairs, burpees, pistols (one-legged squats) and anything else we could come up with.


We rounded the day out with another mile in the trails — me wearing the weighted vest — and some static stretching.20121020-122500.jpg

It was a gorgeous day. The weather was perfect, the scenery amazing and the company motivational. It was the kind of day worth writing about!





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Plyo Out the Sore Muscles: You’re Going to Have to Just Trust Me on This One

The first time my roommate told me to try some plyometrics to get rid of my muscle soreness, I had a hard time believing her. Despite the fact that she wins marathons and is a physical therapist for athletes, I still struggled to believe her. But then I tried it. I did some box jumps and I swear to you that it somehow magically pounded the tenderness away. The best solution, of course, is rest and ice since the soreness is caused by tiny tears and minor trauma to the muscles, but when that isn’t feasible (maybe you work at a gym or have a race coming up or are an exercise addict like me), try the plyometric method and box jump your pain away!


Side note: I like this video of box jumps except for the fact that he never fully opens up his hips. When you do these, stand all the way up at the top before coming back down and feel free to step off the box if you want.

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You Want Me to Pay How Much for a Gym Membership?

I don’t pay for gym memberships. I work at them and attend classes for free, or I buy cheap deals from Web sites such as Groupon. I thought it was because I am cheap and often broke, but apparently it was because no one gym had yet to present me with a reason why I, a fitness professional, should give them my money. Until now.

There are many reasons why I choose to spend over $100 a month at CrossFit 215, but I know you don’t want to read paragraph after paragraph about the awesome, strong female friends that I have made there; the welcoming, family environment; or the fun, creative, results-creating workouts. So instead, I’ll just tell you what happened today at class.

Still recovering from car accident-related injuries that were on fire this week after I pushed them through a half marathon on Sunday, I wasn’t able to fully push myself today. Go to your neighborhood sales-driven gym and you’re lucky if anyone notices. Go to CrossFit 215 and not only will someone notice, but they will take time out to help. The coach today noticed that I was sub-par and took me aside to show me some exercises that I should be doing to release the tension in my hip.

I challenge you to find another gym that will do the same! … though Amrita Yoga and Wellness is coming pretty close. So far I am still attending classes using my bargain-bought 10-class card, but if the finances align you might see me paying two exercise facilities a month!


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Channel “Betty” and Workout Like a Champ

Next time you head to the gym, I want you to channel my new personal training client who we’ll call “Betty.”

Betty is 60. She can run 8 miles and does so a couple times a week. She’s crazy strong: she can hold a plank and a wall sit for well over a minute with no struggle at all.

Betty doesn’t know she is as strong as she is, she just knows how to work hard and loves being in the gym.

Did I mention that Betty just happens to be vegan, too?

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Things I Learned From Other Instructors

I love taking every possible fitness class. Sometimes I steal their moves if they do something new. Mostly, I want to be able to give an honest, first-hand opinion on the gym or class when someone asks me. Recently, I have tried quite a few very different workouts around Philadelphia, thanks to sites like Groupon.

Here are a few things that I have learned from my fellow fitness leaders:

1. If you do a move, any move, for 20 minutes straight, you’ll be sore. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good burn the next day, letting me know I worked hard, but I come to class for some creativity and motivation. Repeating push ups, sit ups or whatever for 100+ reps is something anyone could do on their own and something that puts me to sleep.

2. On the flip side, too much creativity can really kill a potentially good workout. I watched a lot of confused, out-of-shape but ready-to-push-themselves women spend time standing, gaping mouth trying to catch on to complicated moves. And then, once they got the hang of it, the move changed completely. If you want me to stand on one foot, hop up and down, and do a bicep curl, maybe start by having me balance on one foot.

3. Classes should not have a script. I don’t care if that’s how you always teach it because that’s how you were told to teach it. If overweight women walk in for their first fitness class ever, you adapt the workout.

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