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It’s Friday, I’m in Love

I’m happy. My life is good. I worked hard and long to make this all come together and it’s finally working out perfectly. One thing that has helped me stay positive and create happiness in my life is to always remember the good things.

So, as the Cure sings, it’s Friday and I’m in love with …

1. My personal training clients. I love spending time with each and everyone of them. I love helping them see results and sparking motivation within them.

2. My track team. I love the girls I run with. I love the coaches. And most of all, I love being part of a team again.

3. My animals. I don’t understand people that don’t like animals. How can you not adore a furry creature that acts like you coming home is the best thing in the entire world?

4. Not working 9-to-5, Monday through Friday. None of my days look the same throughout the week. I would go crazy in an office!

5. My neighborhood. I have great neighbors and I live along a gorgeous running trail through the woods. And I’m just a few miles from the heart of the city. What more could I want?

What are you loving about life today?


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The Week That Ended on Friday the 13th

Article of the week: From another blogger, a few months back, The Bull Runners’ “Date a Girl Who Runs”

Personal training moment of the week: Seeing a new client smile when he realized that he had lost more than 5 pounds in 3 weeks with me.

My fitness moment of the week: Getting past my 6-miles only recovery week and moving back in, feeling good with almost 30 this week.

My non-fitness moment of the week: I started acupuncture, hoping to relieve some pain from the accident in September and have already seen some relief. I have been going to the Healing Arts Center in Philadelphia based on the recommendation of a Pilates student of mine.

Motivation pic of the week: Again coming to me from MotivateHopeStrength, this week it was a Nike poster that caught me:

My pic of the week: Although slightly embarrassing, I let my sister leave this old pic of me up on Facebook when she pointed out that this proves I have always been into my passions: working out and animals.

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The Week That Was

Taking a note from fellow blogger and runner, The Motivated Runner, I am going to wrap up my week with a few “of the week” selections.

Article of the week: “Vegans Muscle Their Way Into Bodybuilding” in the New York Times!

Personal training moment of the week: One of my new clients brought his out-of-town guests to the gym and treated them to a half hour workout with me as a gift.

My fitness moment of the week: Being told by my lawyer (from when I was hit by a car on my bike) that he would consider me a professional athlete.

My non-fitness moment of the week: In my free time, I rescue and re-home small animals. This week I placed an over-the-top amazing bunny into the most perfect home for her. It was very bittersweet.

Motivation pic of the week: I couldn’t choose between these two. So how about one fitness motivator and one nutritional one? Both came to me from one of my favorite pages on Facebook, MotivateHopeStrength.

My pic of the week: This pic shows off a lot of my favorite things: PopBooth, my fave new iPhone app; my fave new workout jacket from lululemon; and a puppy. And who wouldn’t love a puppy?

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