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Speed Things Up on the Treadmill

When your only time to get a run in is 10 p.m. at night, what do you do? It’s an easy out really. Most people wouldn’t call you lazy if just skipped your run that day.

But I have lofty goals for half marathons and meeting my coach’s weekly mileage (which has actually increased to 35 instead of 33 by Saturday)

So last night, a few minutes before 10 p.m., I locked up at work and took off to the gym. I ran 1 mile to get there. My coach gave me a specific treadmill workout that totaled up to 3.1 miles and then I cooled down with .9 miles to get home.

That comes to a total of 5 miles for the day, 16 for the week and 19 more to go in 3 days.


My Treadmill Workout:

5 x 1000 meters, a broken down 5k

1000 meters = .62 miles on the treadmill

Each one was faster than the one before: 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5 and 9.6 mph

In between each one, I took a 4 minute rest



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A New Class for a New Year

I added a new class to my fitness teaching line up this month. I don’t have a clever title for it yet (maybe you guys can help with that) It’s based similarly to my Small Group Training: each time we get a total body workout and primarily use our body weight as he resistance.

This new one, however, is intense. We sweat a lot. We move quickly. We get up; we get down. We don’t do 10 push ups unless they have a burpee with a tuck jump in between them. Our heart rates are pumping the whole time.

Here’s what we did tonight:

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds then take 20 seconds break. After one full time through, take a 2 minute break then repeat them all.

* Squat and thrust, jump at the top

* Plank

* 4 high knees standing, 4 bike crunch on the mat

* Side plank

* 8 punches while holding a squat, 1 squat jump

* Other side plank

* Walkouts (stand, touch your toes, walk out to plank, walk back, stand all the way up)

* Wall sit

* Lunge, side kick, alternating legs

* On hands and knees, balance with one leg and opposite arm up, parallel to ground

* Plank, side plank, other side plank, then jump your feet to your hands twice

* Other side balancing on hands and knees

* Two crunches with legs up in a V, two with legs down

* Plank

* Bottom half of a burpee (plank, jump to a very low squat with no hands, back to plank)


Let me know if you try it or have any questions about any of the moves!

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Workout Like a Baseball Pro

I love creating themes to my Saturday morning workout classes. One of the most popular and often requested as a repeat is my “Workout Like the Phillies” where I put together agility and plyometric moves that baseball players use for training.

Try it out, let me know what you think and feel free to ask any questions! Here are the moves and a video to go along with it:




Warm up with 2-4 laps around a square area, alternating jogging and skipping on each side.


Continue Laps, One Each of:

Skip Backwards

Grapevine, Both Sides

Walking Hip Abduction (Knee Up, Out, In, Down)

Straight Leg Kicks

Bounding Forward (two footed jump)

Bounding Sideways, Both Sides


Strength and Plyometrics, repeat twice:

Arm Circles, 25 big/small and forward/backward


With a Medicine Ball or a Single Weight:


Heel Raises


Partner Pass, Standing Back to Back pass ball or weight around in a circle, both directions

Jump Over Weight, Side to Side


With Mat, Box, etc. (something you can jump up on):

Side to Side Jumps, jumping up on and over your box

Front to Back Jumps

One Leg Jump Ups

Squats, One Foot on Mat, Both Sides (Take off mat with toe raised for second set)

Lunges, One Foot on Mat, Both Sides (Take off mat in any form for second set)


Repeat Set of Laps, Ending with Walking and Stretching

Anyone can do this — one of the women in the video was pregnant at the time!

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