Plyo Out the Sore Muscles: You’re Going to Have to Just Trust Me on This One

The first time my roommate told me to try some plyometrics to get rid of my muscle soreness, I had a hard time believing her. Despite the fact that she wins marathons and is a physical therapist for athletes, I still struggled to believe her. But then I tried it. I did some box jumps and I swear to you that it somehow magically pounded the tenderness away. The best solution, of course, is rest and ice since the soreness is caused by tiny tears and minor trauma to the muscles, but when that isn’t feasible (maybe you work at a gym or have a race coming up or are an exercise addict like me), try the plyometric method and box jump your pain away!


Side note: I like this video of box jumps except for the fact that he never fully opens up his hips. When you do these, stand all the way up at the top before coming back down and feel free to step off the box if you want.


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Snot Rockets Happen

I overheard two moms talking. One mom said that she was disgusted by the fact that her husband taught their son that it was okay to blow his nose in the shower without a tissue. Aside from being annoyed that she was ungrateful about the fact that her husband was spending time with the little boy, I was also sure that she was not a runner or biker. Because there are certain things that make you one of these athletes in my mind and one that clearly stands out is that you don’t think twice about blowing a snot rocket. (You’re too much a runner/biker when you accidentally blow one in normal street clothes, walking down the sidewalk. I may or may not have done this before.)

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You Want Me to Pay How Much for a Gym Membership?

I don’t pay for gym memberships. I work at them and attend classes for free, or I buy cheap deals from Web sites such as Groupon. I thought it was because I am cheap and often broke, but apparently it was because no one gym had yet to present me with a reason why I, a fitness professional, should give them my money. Until now.

There are many reasons why I choose to spend over $100 a month at CrossFit 215, but I know you don’t want to read paragraph after paragraph about the awesome, strong female friends that I have made there; the welcoming, family environment; or the fun, creative, results-creating workouts. So instead, I’ll just tell you what happened today at class.

Still recovering from car accident-related injuries that were on fire this week after I pushed them through a half marathon on Sunday, I wasn’t able to fully push myself today. Go to your neighborhood sales-driven gym and you’re lucky if anyone notices. Go to CrossFit 215 and not only will someone notice, but they will take time out to help. The coach today noticed that I was sub-par and took me aside to show me some exercises that I should be doing to release the tension in my hip.

I challenge you to find another gym that will do the same! … though Amrita Yoga and Wellness is coming pretty close. So far I am still attending classes using my bargain-bought 10-class card, but if the finances align you might see me paying two exercise facilities a month!


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Check Out My New Sponsor: JACO Clothing!

Making connections with companies is every athletes dream. Once you start winning, you start hoping for sponsors.

I am excited to announce that one of my new sponsors for 2012 is a clothing company that I love: JACO Clothing!

Beyond comfortable, cute clothes, JACO also follows four core values that I am happy to support and honored to know that, in choosing to sponsor me, JACO feels that I embody:

Respect for yourself, for others, and for the environment

Strength in mental fortitude

Courage to do what others only dream of doing

Tenacity with the ability to view failure as a valuable part of the journey

** One more exciting announcement … They want you to benefit from my sponsorship, too! When ordering, use the code “WELCOME15” and you will get 15% off your purchase! Start shopping!


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A Healthy Addiction to Sweet Potatoes

Hi, my name is Sally and I’m a new sweet potato addict.

I’ve never disliked the root vegetable, but I also didn’t buy it that much (except at restaurants in the form of French fries!). Between working with Miss Rachel of Miss Rachel’s Pantry (who seems to be a sweet potato addict herself) and hearing from several weight-lifting friends about sweet potatoes being a healthy carb choice, I’ve fully bought in to the hype.

Tonight, I microwaved a large sweet potato, steamed a broccoli crown, and topped the two with olive oil and spices. Delicious! With Rachel, I have been making a lot of pureed veggie soups that include sweet potatoes by boiling all of the veggies until they are soft and then blending them to a smooth consistency.

I am ready to go further. So tell me, what’s your favorite way to nosh on these tubers that are rich in good carbs; fiber; vitamins A, B6 and C, and so much more?

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Post Race Recovery

Running fast around a 160-meter track (indoors are typically 200; outdoors, 400) sucks. Luckily for me and my lactic acid-filled legs, I was headed to the Endurance Sports Expo right after my races.

Meet the SportPump — yes, my legs are inside of these monster ski boots. Once they started their cycle, I received a 5-minute compression massage, as the air pockets around me were inflated and deflated slowly and repeatedly.

I’ll have to let you know later if there’s a recovery difference (since I am blogging from the chair, legs still getting massaged) but I know so far I already feel more relaxed.


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A New Day, A New Race, and Two New Pairs of Shoes

Check out my awesome, brightly colored shoes that I am trying out today at an indoor track meet!

I warmed up in the blue and green Scotts and will be putting on the pink and blue Saucony spikes for the mile and 2 mile.

Wish me luck!


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